Many young people prefer human recruiters over technology

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Despite technology continuing to evolve and becoming more a part of our lives than ever, a new survey has revealed that young people still prefer a human touch when applying for roles.

The survey, compiled by The 5% Club and Schneider Electric UK, questioned 1,000 young people and their employers, finding that 52% believe that technology doesn’t do a better job at recruiting compared to humans.

In fact, just one per cent trust technology over an actual person to find them a job.

Peter Hogg, talent acquisition & mobility manager at Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, explained, “Digital recruitment technology has a lot of potential to improve experiences of candidates and those tasked with assessing early talent. Such technologies boost productivity, reduce the volume of repetitive tasks and allow talent acquisition teams to focus on where they add the most value. Yet, the findings of the survey suggest that we should not be complacent, revealing a widening rift between the needs of recruiters and young professionals.

“Recruiters consider the increased use of technology as part of the attraction, assessment and selection processes necessary to scale up and offer improved candidate experience. Young professionals do not trust in the technology’s ability to correctly and objectively assess their skillsets.”

Lady Cobham CBE, director general of The 5% Club, added, “Whilst technology is, of course, an inherent part of today’s recruitment process in order to streamline and manage huge recruitment workflows, its use must be tailored where possible to fit with what young people find most appealing. Human ‘touch’ points are still incredibly important for the young, with traditional forms of recruitment such as assessment days and face to face interviews favoured as an opportunity to build a relationship and see the company ‘brand’ in person. Where digital recruitment tools are used, The 5% Club’s research shows that companies should be considering greater use of tools favoured by the young, such as cognitive gaming and online knowledge assessments.”

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