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A high percentage of young workers are searching for a new job because they feel unheard and that they are not trusted by their current employer.

The Achievers and Censuswide study surveyed 1,000 British workers and found that those aged between 16-24 were particularly unhappy with regards to how they feel in the workplace.

For example, 37% of those in this age group don’t feel trusted to work remotely (compared to 21% overall) and one third feel undervalued (compared to 29% overall), with 32% saying that they feel their feedback is not listened to.

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As a result of this, a staggering 78% are currently either applying or intend to apply for new jobs as the pandemic situation eases.

Jon Maddison, Achievers EMEA Managing Director, commented, “Although the results of our survey may seem alarming, there’s still time for most companies to communicate with their people, then take steps to boost engagement and prevent churn.

“The sooner companies act to instil beneficial practices like listening, recognition, and reward into their cultures, the more likely they are to turn this situation around.”

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