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There are a significant number of workers who are choosing to turn to the flexible and rewarding world of contracting, with many of these people deciding to work through umbrella companies.

The recruitment company Randstand, revealed that 63 per cent of participants were actively opting to become contractors or temps, rather than the ongoing recession forcing them into it.

The Randstand poll surveyed over 3,000 firms and employees across the UK and found that nearly half of the permanent staff were seriously considering other working alternatives, such as contracting through an umbrella company.

It seems that employers are also in support of contractors and those who are temping, as the survey results showed that 13 per cent felt they enhanced productivity and 11 per cent said they help to drive innovation.

CEO of Randstad, Mark Bull, explained that due to the economic downturn and insecurity, flexible working is a more viable alternative to a permanent role.  He said,  "Many people are turning to this work style because there are less permanent opportunities, but the lack of job security during this slow recovery is also encouraging people to think seriously about temping or contracting for the first time.

"The UK already has the greatest penetration of temporary and contract workers in the EU… and our expectation is that over time, the economy will see a gradual development of interest in the benefits of temping and contracting by both job seekers and organisations."

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