More support needed for creative contractors

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Umbrella company contractors might be interested to hear that there have been calls for increased support for contractors working in creative industries.

The recent report published by the Creative Industries Federation has called for a number of key supports for those who are creative self-employed workers, with the IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed) agreeing with the points made.

This includes the report's views on improving conditions and opportunities for creative contractors, such as funding the accreditation of online course for the self employed.

IPSE’s Director of Policy, Simon McVicker, commented, “Reports like this are vital not only for underlining the difficulties creative freelancers face, but also for pushing for much-needed support. As the report shows, 65% of creative freelancers have worked for free and – even more shockingly – 80% think this is normal. In fact, our own research has shown that the average creative freelancer loses approximately £5,400 per year by working for free.

That’s why we fully agree with the Creative Industries Federation that the Government must recognise the importance of creative freelancers and do more to support them. Of course, unpaid work and lack of support are problems not just among creative freelancers, but across the self-employed community. So we wholeheartedly support the report’s calls for self-employment across all sectors to be made part of a BEIS ministerial brief. This would be a significant step towards getting freelancers across all sectors the support and recognition they deserve.” 

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