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My Job Matcher

Are you looking for your next contract role? Then MyJobMatcher can take the hassle out of spending hours searching the internet for your next assignment.

MyJobMatcher presents contractors with the latest contract opportunities from most of the UK’s Job Boards. Thanks to matching technology you will only see relevant jobs based on your experience and location, saving you time and frustration!

So how does MyJobMatcher work?

MyJobMatcher may just be the way to find your next contract role and acting as a ‘job watchdog’ it becomes your eyes and ears - a great tool in any job seekers armoury! The system looks at hundreds of thousands of jobs every day, which in turn are matched to the best jobs for you; with just one click, you can apply for the jobs you want the most."

So what do I need to do?

Simply upload your CV to then using a clever algorithm which pulls out key information, the system will match you to the most relevant contract jobs going. What’s great is that the jobs are pulled from the UK’s best job boards including the biggest in one place saving you time and frustration.    

What is MyJobMatcher going to cost me?

Nothing, the service is FREE!

What is the benefit to me using MyJobMatcher?

  • Jobs delievered direct to your inbox, to your specification!
  • No need call recruitment agency after recruitment agency.
  • No need to spend hours hunting through a variety of different job sites.
  • One click applications for roles.


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