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As many as 40% of UK workers are considering working in the self-employed sector for the additional benefits that come with the lifestyle.

According to the findings from Walters People, 47% of those who would consider joining the sector said their motive would be an improved lifestyle, 29% said it would be due to a higher hourly pay, 26% cited increased flexibility and 19% believe they would be exposed to new skills.

Interestingly, the regions where the most people wanted to give contracting a go includes Wales (47%), Yorkshire & Humber (44%), East Midlands (42%) and London (40%).

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Director of Walters People London, Phill Westcott, commented, “There are almost 5 million self-employed people in the UK – ten years ago, this number would have been in the tens of thousands. This shift is not down to any one generation but is an indicator of where the mindset of the UK workforce is moving.

“Work life balance, reticence to be part of corporate structures, lack of training or progression, unpaid overtime, exposure to new industries, and the desire to seek out interesting project type work are just a few of the common reasons we often hear professionals who have made the contract-role switch or would like too.”

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