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Those taking on additional seasonal jobs over the next few weeks might be interested to learn about the new HMRC app.

The app will help them find details they need to pass on to their employer so they don’t need to call HMRC directly.

According to the latest figures, in the 12 months leading up to October 2022, HMRC received almost 3 million calls from people asking for this type of information. Now, it will be readily available on the app and can be downloaded and printed.

People will be able to access their:

  • Income and employment history
  • Salary information
  • National Insurance number
  • Tax code

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Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC’s Director General of Customer Services, said, “Whether you’re starting a new role in customer services, delivering parcels or managing warehouse logistics – the HMRC app is a secure and easy way to access your tax code, National Insurance number and employment details so you can let your new employer know.

“It’s accessible at the touch of a button and is quicker than calling HMRC.

“To find out how to download it, search ‘HMRC app’ on GOV.UK.”

Victoria Atkins MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said, “Christmas is busy enough – especially if you have taken on a seasonal job – so anything which can save you time is to be welcomed.

“The free and secure HMRC app is just such a thing, it makes searching for employment information quick and easy, whether you need to check your National Insurance number, find out how much you will be paid and much more.”

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