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Contractor Industry News

Brits reveal what scares them the most about job hunting

Posted on 12th November 2018

Just over half of Brits admit that there are some parts of the job hunting process that scare them.

Of the 1,200 workers surveyed by CV-Library, as many as 30% said that they wouldn’t apply for a role that had them facing their fears – one in ten have even avoided going to an interview because they were too scared.

Areas of job hunting that Brits feared the most included:

- Being rejected for a role they wanted (55.7%)

- Attending interviews (42.4%)

- Having to do an interview test or task (39.9%)

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Graduate unemployment rate lowest in 39 years

Posted on 9th November 2018

Recent data has shown that the unemployment rate for graduates six months after leaving university fell to 5.1% this year.

Prospects’ ‘What do graduates do? 2018’ report revealed that this figure is the lowest since the 1979 survey when it was 4.9%.

Employment increased from 74.2% to 76.6% (184,295) as 4,540 more graduates found jobs compared to last year. The proportion of employed graduates in professional-level roles also increased, from 71.4% to 73.9%.

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Many Brits confused about the job hunting ‘rules’

Posted on 7th November 2018

According to recent research, there are a number of job hunting myths that are holding people back from their next role.

The survey, carried out by CV-Library, found that many Brits believe that there are certain ‘job hunting rules’ they must follow – not only is this not always the case, but people are scuppering their chances of securing their next role because of these ‘rules’.

Almost half (45.5%) of professionals think there are set rules you should follow when job hunting, with the majority (77.7%) admitting no one has ever taught them what these ‘rules’ are.

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FCSA responds to Chancellor’s IR35 private sector reform

Posted on 5th November 2018

Although it is disappointing that the Chancellor made the decision to roll out IR35 private sector changes, the FCSA are pleased to learn that such changes are to be delayed until 2020.

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Job hunting mistakes that put people at risk to hackers

Posted on 2nd November 2018

New research has shown that there are a few simple mistakes people are making that are putting them at risk to hackers when job hunting.

The survey of 2,000 workers by CV-Library revealed that over half (59%) of Brits worry about their CV information being stolen.

Interestingly, the report found that the majority of people are including unnecessary personal information on their CVs, such as:

- Their full name (90.3%)

- Postal address (78.5%)

- Date of birth (50.5%)

- Contact details for referees (35.8%)

- Place of birth (16.3%)

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The Budget 2018

Posted on 30th October 2018

So what are the key points that may affect you as a contractor?

Once again a prominent feature of the budget made reference to the “fair and sustainable tax system”. Well on one hand, we saw the personal tax free allowance increase to £12,500 and the higher earnings threshold reach £50k, which I can’t see too many people complaining about, but we also saw, what appeared inevitable, with the reform of IR35 in the private sector due in April 2020.

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Many contractors are not thinking about their future finances

Posted on 29th October 2018

With findings showing the self-employed are currently mostly financially secure and happy, many are concerned about the future.

A recent IPSE report ‘The Path to Prosperity’, revealed that although 72% of contractors are content with life because of the way that they manage their money, as many as 77% are worried that the finances they have – or are going to save – will not last.

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23 million workers want to become self-employed

Posted on 26th October 2018

Millions of Britain’s employed workforce are considering joining the self-employed sector because they feel they’re not getting what they want from their current employer.

Research from PeoplePerHour, which surveyed over 1,000 employees, found that as many as 68% have either little or no access to flexible working options, including working from home (64%), annualised hours (64%), flexitime (57%) job sharing (77%) and compressed time (73%).

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Brexit fears and IR35 might be causing contractor numbers to drop

Posted on 24th October 2018

Self-employed numbers are dropping, with the IPSE suggesting Brexit fears and changes to IR35 tax law are to blame.

Recent ONS figures have shown that overall unemployment has fallen slightly, however, self-employed numbers have also dropped by 94,000.

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) think these figures should concern government and the industry.

Jordan Marshall, IPSE’s Policy Development Manager, explained further, “The 94,000 drop in the number of self-employed shows that they are facing increasingly choppy waters.

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APSCo urges HMT to delay IR35 changes

Posted on 22nd October 2018

The APSCo is saddened to hear that Her Majesty’s Treasury is finalising plans to extend off-payroll rules to the private sector.

Especially as Mel Stride MP indicated at a meeting attended with APSCo that he was taking the needs and concerns of business seriously.

Tania Bowers, General Counsel at the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), commented, “We are extremely disappointed that HMT appear determined to discount the advice of APSCo, and every other influential body, and charge ahead with these changes providing no time for business to adapt.

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