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Falling wages likely to create more self-employed workers


Latest employment data has revealed a drop in average wages, with experts believing that this could motivate more people to turn their backs on the ‘permie’ lifestyle, choosing to become self-employed instead.

Office for National Statistics data revealed that average wages fell by 0.5% compared to the previous year.

Franchisor and shipping solutions firm, World Options, has already seen a high number of enquiries regarding its franchising opportunities so far this year. In fact, visits to these pages on its website are up 56% in January 2018 compared with December 2017.

Stewart Butler, sales director at World Options, commented, “January and February are already the busiest times for people searching for new jobs and looking to change their careers, and these latest statistics are likely to spur people on even more.

“Self-employment puts workers back in control of their wages and provides a fresh opportunity for people to do something they are really passionate about. We have already seen a huge rise in the number of people approaching us about starting up their own business and I wouldn’t be surprised if we witness record levels of self-employment in 2018.”

To help people understand whether contracting is the best option for them, World Options has created a series of interactive tools to guide them through the process.

Butler added, “For those who have done all the research and found the right option for them, self-employment can be incredibly rewarding and more financially lucrative than other career paths, while providing the best possible work-life balance.”

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