NHS fails to award agency workers the same pay as permanent counterparts

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REC: ‘Without agency staff the NHS would be unable to meet patient needs, so it is vital that the sector is supported to remain viable’.

The recent NHS updated agency rate card publication has shown that agency workers have not been awarded the same 3% increase given to permanent workers.

With staffing agencies in the healthcare sector concerned that NHS agency workers are not getting the pay increase awarded to substantive staff last year, and that agencies are unfairly being left responsible for covering the increased NI announced by the Chancellor, the REC is urging both NHS and government to undertake a fundamental review of frameworks and price caps in the health service, as well as work with agencies on building a long-term workforce plan.

Kate Shoesmith, Deputy CEO of the REC, commented, “Over the past two years and more, healthcare staffing agencies and agency workers have proven what an important part of the NHS they are – and were personally thanked by the then Minister for their contribution during the pandemic.

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“Every day, our members place temporary staff exactly where they are needed, efficiently and at incredibly short notice. Without agency staff the NHS would be unable to meet patient needs, so it is vital that the sector is supported to remain viable. Constant pressure on agency rates fails to take into account why people currently choose to work via an agency in the NHS, and will only make the current staff shortages worse. If this is allowed to continue, we will see an uplift in off-framework activity.

“Our members can provide insight to help government and the NHS build a really sustainable and successful health service. If that expertise and experience is ignored, it will only impact patient care – and no one wants that.”

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