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The pandemic has resulted in the country having increased respect for the professions that we all relied on during the last 18 months, finds a new report.

The Totaljobs research revealed that nursing is the most respected career in the UK, seeing a 55% increase in overall respect from the public during the pandemic.

Many people have also said that they have a new-found level of respect for the essential workers that kept the country going during the lockdowns and restrictions, for example, essential retail workers (55%), postal carriers (54%), food delivery workers (54%), waste collection (56%) and virologists (53%).

According to the research, many people believe that nurses are the most underpaid – 59% of those surveyed said they think these professionals are not paid enough. The UK also thinks that people working in cleaning (50%) essential retail (43%), food delivery (42%), and social care (39%) should be paid more too.

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Despite these opinions, many people have felt inspired to change career and take on these roles themselves. The younger generations are the most open to changing career, with 19% of Gen Z considering switching to nursing or medicine, whereas older generations were most tempted to become a teacher.

Jon Wilson, CEO of Totaljobs, commented, ‘‘Whether a doctor or a delivery driver, those individuals who have worked as key workers over the past year have gone above and beyond to continue to serve our communities throughout the pandemic. Today’s research reveals, quite rightly, that these professions have been re-evaluated by many and found further acclaim and admiration during a time of crisis.

“It is also really encouraging to see people across the generations express a desire to switch careers to a key industry off the back of the examples set by key workers, especially amongst younger generations.”

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