Over-30s have better cybersecurity behaviour than younger workers

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The report indicated that the younger generation is more anxious about cybersecurity than the over-30s.

According to a new report, employees over the age of 30 are more likely to adopt better cybersecurity practice than younger colleagues who have grown up around digital technology.

The NTT Ltd. report, which looked into behaviour and attitudes to cybersecurity among different age groups, revealed that while the over-30s demonstrate better cybersecurity behaviour in the UK, US, Nordics and Hong Kong, it is under-30s who are cybersecurity leaders in France and Brazil.

Interestingly, on average, under-30s score 2.3 in terms of cybersecurity best practice, compared to 3.0 for over-30s. In the UK, under-30s (4.3) and over-30s (5.5) are among the highest scores globally.

The data suggests that just because Millennials and Generation Z workers are born in the digital age, it does not necessarily mean they follow cybersecurity best practice.

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In fact, employees who have spent longer in the workplace gaining knowledge and skills and have acquired ‘digital DNA’ during that time, sometimes have an advantage over younger workers.

Azeem Aleem, VP Consulting (UK&I) Security, NTT, commented, “It’s clear from our research that a multi-generational workforce leads to very different attitudes to cybersecurity. This is a challenge when organisations need to engage across all age groups, from the oldest employee to the youngest.

“With technology constantly evolving and workers wanting to bring in and use their own devices, apps and tools, business leaders must ensure that security is an enabler and not a barrier to a productive workplace.”

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