Over half of millennials believe AI will result in job losses

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Recent findings have revealed that millennials are most concerned about AI and Brexit with regards to potential job losses.

Latest research from Office Angels, part of The Adecco Group, has shown that as many as 62% of millennials are worried that digital trends, such as chatbots and AI will have a negative impact on the number of jobs available.

The Managing Millennials report, which surveyed 1,000 millennials in employment, also found that 45% believe that leaving the EU will result in job losses.

Seventeen per cent think Brexit will limit their career progression, while just 5% believe it will create further opportunities.

Interestingly, 21% said that they are looking to set up their own businesses within the next three years in order to take matters into their own hands and avoid the negative impact Brexit might have on their career plans.

Alex Fleming, country head and president of staffing and solutions at The Adecco Group UK and Ireland, commented on the recent findings, “The fact that many millennials are anxious about the impact of Brexit and digital trends on their career presents an opportunity for those businesses that are willing to proactively address these concerns. Organisations that openly talk about these inevitable workplace changes and encourage employees to share any concerns they might have so that these can be addressed, will be better placed to attract and retain talent.”

He added, “As one of the most mobile generations, it’s important to manage millennials’ concerns and outline the great career prospects available to them if organisations want to remain attractive to them. As with any other major change, Brexit doesn’t just have the potential to break but also to make careers as new challenges and opportunities arise. Businesses that focus on creating and promoting these opportunities, alongside giving employees the skills required to weather the Brexit storm, will be able to produce a more positive, productive and engaged workforce.”

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