Over half UK professionals are unhappy in their jobs

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A new survey has revealed that over half of UK professionals say that they’re unhappy in their current role.

Of the 1,200 workers surveyed by CV-Library, 55.6% say that they’re unhappy in their job, with as many as 42.6% believing that quitting is their best option.

The top reasons for their unhappiness include:

– Not being paid enough (42.9%)

– No room for progression (38.7%)

– Poor company culture (33.4%)

– Boring daily routine (22.1%)

– Not liking their working hours (17.3%)

– Not liking their boss (15.9%)

– Having a long commute (14.6%)

– Not liking their colleagues (8.3%)

– Work affecting their private life (5.9%)

Self-employment, such as umbrella company contracting might just be the answer for the many workers who are so unhappy in their current roles, especially because of the reasons highlighted above.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, commented,“It’s normal to have parts of your job that irritate you, especially if you’re working in a stressful environment. However, if these grievances are making you dread going to the office in the morning, then get to the root of the problem. Set aside some time to work out whether it’s your career choice which is making you miserable, or just the environment that you’re in.”

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