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As many as 70% of organisations have reported an increase in the use of digital or online solutions over the last year, finds a new report.

According to the latest Learning and Skills at Work report from the CIPD and Accenture, the pandemic has led to a surge in digital learning, with 36% of organisations having increased their investment in learning technology in the last 12 months.

Of those firms who have switched to a more digital model, 77% said they’re successfully using learning tech and 69% said they’re innovating in their use of learning technology.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said, “Being able to reskill and redeploy workers during the last year has been essential for individuals and organisations to adapt to changing needs – and for the wider economy. It’s been great to see the learning profession stepping up and delivering, despite many having their budget and headcount reduced. Digital learning done well delivers benefits in building new skills, and the pandemic is catalysing shifts in learning capabilities that are much needed.

“It has also proven to be a prompt for learning professionals to take stock of other changes coming down the track that they need to be prepared for, particularly in relation to automation. We hope to see the innovation and adaptability they’ve demonstrated over the past year continue as they help individuals and organisations adjust – and excel – in the ever-changing world of work.”

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Andy Young, Managing Director within the Talent & Organisation practice at Accenture, added, “This report shows that learning never stops. With all the upheaval of the last year, the need for learning is greater than ever before, with businesses needing both better technology skills and more human ingenuity. People want more growth and development at work, whether they are at home, in the office, or a bit of both.

“To cope with this, learning professionals have had to reset plans and they should be congratulated on their resilience. This report also provides clear messages for the CEO and other business leaders with clear differences between the ‘haves’, who have good sponsorship, funding and sophisticated learning technology and data – where outcomes have accelerated in the last year – versus the ‘have nots’, who are getting by with reduced funding, limited infrastructure or no professional learning support.”

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