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A new report shows that as many as 61% of HR and people professionals decided to strengthen their skills due to their organisation’s response to the pandemic.

The CIPD and Workday’s People Profession survey revealed that before the pandemic, 83% of people professionals said they felt they had the right skills to deal with any challenges. However, since covid, as many as 50% have upskilled and 11% reskilled in order to step up to the changing world of work.

Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, commented, “2020 was an exceptional year for our profession. The difficult external circumstances put great demand on all of us, and people professionals have been at the forefront of the organisational response, supporting people, implementing rapid changes, and adapting and learning.  It’s great to see so many colleagues recognising the need to strengthen their skills and ensure they have the right expertise to guide and make an impact in their organisations in an ever-changing world of work.”

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Michael Douroux, global vice president, Northern Europe and South Africa at Workday, added, “Those in the people profession have really risen to the moment in the last year, helping businesses and employees alike to overcome an incredibly challenging period.

“Amidst huge uncertainty and a fast-changing environment, leaders have helped people stay informed, engaged and supported. As we all strive to recover and make the world of work better, applying what we’ve learned over the last year, it’s clear that a data-driven agile culture is vital – leading to better-informed decisions and fewer surprises along the way.”

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