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ContractorUmbrella becomes an approved supplier under the Professional Passport scheme

In addition to the KPMG audit we had carried out in January 2008, ContractorUmbrella has also become an approved supplier under the Professional Passport scheme.

Professional Passport is a new and totally independent organisation which has been set up to provide services to Recruiters and Contractors.

ContractorUmbrella is currently the ONLY Umbrella Company to hold both a KPMG and Professional Passport compliancy review.

This further demonstrates our dedication to ensuring that we provide a compliant solution, to both contractors and agencies alike, with regard to current HMRC legislation, including the debt transfer legislation.

Lisa Keeble, MD of ContractorUmbrella commented:

“ContractorUmbrella welcomes any steps which encourage a level playing field and fully support Professional Passport for setting an industry standard”

HMRC audit standards have yet to be agreed so we felt the Professional Passport scheme would offer that extra reassurance to anyone considering using ContractorUmbrella Ltd.