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Reform UK’s latest pledge involving the IR35 legislation is sure to have got many freelancer’s attention.

IR35 has long been criticised by both the self-employed and those who support the sector – determining whether or not you fall inside or outside of the legislation can be complex, and a freelancer’s status will affect the amount of tax and National Insurance Contributions they have to pay, as well as whether or not they are able to claim back on certain expenses.

This is why the IPSE believe that Reform’s plans to scrap IR35 will result in thousands more votes by those impacted by the rules.

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Commenting on the news, Andy Chamberlain, IPSE’s policy director, said, “IR35 is the top priority for thousands of freelancers and contractors at this election. By pledging to scrap it, Reform will take thousands of votes away from Labour and the Conservatives who have so far neglected to acknowledge the flaws in this damaging legislation.

“Reform have gone one step further than the Liberal Democrats, who committed only to review the IR35 rules.

“In any case, for two major parties to put the spotlight on IR35 in their manifestos will make a likely Labour government think twice before presiding over another five years of inaction on this anti-freelance legislation.”

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