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Contractor Umbrella: Payslips

When it comes to working as an umbrella contractor, you need to ensure that you have complete trust in your umbrella company and that starts with having full transparency on payslips.


What Happens if my Umbrella goes Bust?

An umbrella company going bust is a worrying scenario for any umbrella contractor – here we give advice on what action you need to take if you do find yourself in this situation.


Why does the Apprenticeship Levy appear on an Umbrella Contractor’s Pay Statement?

As an umbrella company contractor, you may have noticed that the Apprenticeship Levy appears on your pay statement. It’s perhaps not a tax that you’d automatically assume would be payable by those working via an umbrella company, so here we take a look at why this is the case.


What childcare and family support is available for contractor-employed parents?

People employed by an organisation often don’t appreciate the difficulties faced by self-employed/contractor parents. Not only do the self-employed often miss out on help such as childcare vouchers and parental leave and pay, they also don’t enjoy the safety net of a regular salary. If they have to take time off to care for their children, they’re losing out on pay.


Umbrella Holiday Pay

Unlike other self-employed workers, such as sole traders and limited company contractors, umbrella company contractors are entitled to holiday pay. Here we take a look at how this works.


Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance if I use an Umbrella Company?

What is indemnity insurance? Professional Indemnity Insurance, or PI insurance, is there to protect you from any claims that could be brought against you by a client. Of course, not every contractor will need this type of insurance, but it is vital for those who give advice, have access to a clients’ confidential information, or Read More...


Maternity Leave and Using an Umbrella Company

Can I receive maternity pay whilst using an umbrella company? As an umbrella contractor, you are essentially employed by your umbrella company – this means that you will have many self-employed benefits, as well as some of the security that comes with permanent employment. For more information on why so many people choose the umbrella Read More...


PAYE or Umbrella?

PAYE or Umbrella: Which is best? When it comes to looking at which is best between the two, that’s entirely dependent on your preferences and what will work best for you. Both a PAYE agency and an umbrella company will take care of your admin and payroll, and so all tax liabilities will be worked Read More...



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