Partner Recruitment Agencies

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We believe Umbrella Companies should work alongside recruitment agencies to ensure the transition into contracting is as simple and easy as possible for their candidates.

From time to time you may come across agencies who will only allow you to work with companies that are on their “approved” PSL, which means that you need to start your research for another umbrella all over again, a headache most contractors could do without.

So to try and make life a little easier, we have compliled a list of agencies that we are currently working with. So if you are looking for that next contract assignment, why not give one of our partner recruiters a call… 020 7832 2700 01344 383 100 0207 997 1000 01892 507 100 0141 226 3101 01732 464 644 020 3056 8240 020 7710 4141 020 7426 3960 020 7333 0033 01892 612 612 020 7002 0000 020 7932 1630 01782 203 040 0845 6060 610 0207 038 6400 01489 882 500 0370 010 7715

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