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IR35 salary calculator

Set to come into effect across the private sector from 6 April 2021, the changes to IR35 are designed to ensure that tax rates are fair and consistent. If you fall inside IR35 (meaning you have been deemed to be working in the manner of a regular PAYE employee) then you could see a drop in your income as you will now be subject to PAYE tax. If you can demonstrate that your working practices are outside IR35 then this tax change will not apply and you should not see a change in your income.

IR35 take home calculator

Because IR35 aims to make sure that people who work in the same way are taxed in the same way, if the IR35 rules are deemed to apply and you are working in the manner of a PAYE employee (meaning that you are inside IR35) you can expect to be subject to PAYE tax as a result. This may mean that you see a reduction in your monthly take-home pay.

What is ‘inside IR35’?

Being inside IR35 means that you are working in the manner of a contracted, permanent employee and will cause a change in the way that you are taxed in order to reflect this. There are a number of criteria that HMRC may use in order to determine whether you are working inside IR35, and these include the extent to which your work is supervised, whether someone else could complete the work in your absence and whether you are obliged to accept work assigned to you.

You can also look at the Contractor Umbrella IR35 Advice Hub for more information.

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