Umbrella Company Price Check

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No Umbrella Company can ‘earn’ you more than any other – we are all regulated by HM Revenue and Customs. The only factor that should affect your take home pay is the umbrella company's margin.

Top tips on what to look for when choosing an Umbrella Company

Guaranteed Margin

Some Umbrella Companies charge a percentage of your invoices which can prove extremely expensive.

Same Day Payments

Choose an Umbrella Company that doesn’t hold onto your money unnecessarily and pays you without delay.

Compliant with HMRC rules and regulations

But can they prove it? Of course everybody will say they are compliant but what awards/accreditation do they have to prove it.

Contract Manager for every employee

If not you’ll be explaining who you are and what you do every time you call.

Guaranteed commitment levels for employees and clients

Most Umbrella Companies will promise a variety of things but unless there is a money backed service guarantee, you have very little recourse.

Online portal for timesheet

Faxing or posting timesheets will soon get boring, plus you face the possibility of them getting “misplaced”.

Established company & part of a chartered firm of accountants

As the Umbrella Company will be receiving your funds first, you need to be sure they won’t disappear with it.

Contractor Umbrella meets all of the above criteria and as can be seen from the price comparison table below, is also one of the most competitively priced.

Umbrella Company Price Comparison

Umbrella Company Weekly Monthly
Contractor Umbrella Ltd £29.50 £108.50
Giant Group £28.00 £121.33*
Crystal Umbrella £27.50 £85.00
Atlantic Umbrella £30.00 £89.00
Parasol £27.50 £119.50
Orange Genie Charged as Percentage
Liberty Bishop £31.50 £137.00

Prices updated as of April 2014.
* No monthly fee so based on weekly fee x 52 weeks / 12 months
** Capped at £30 per week

As mentioned above, all Umbrella Companies are governed by the same rules and regulations, laid down by HMRC therefore your take home pay will be the same excluding the margin of the Umbrella Company of course.

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