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Despite London ranking as the most attractive city in the world for the global tech industry, three out of four UK tech workers are willing to leave for pastures new overseas.

Totaljobs research revealed that digital experts are among the most in-demand workers but due to the transferable nature of tech skills, they are also among those most prepared to relocate.

According to Totaljobs, the study highlights the key factors that the UK digital workforce are looking for in a job. They are ranked in the following order:

  1. Healthy work-life balance
  2. Good relationships with their peers
  3. Good relationships with their managers.

The research shows workers are more concerned with well-being and human interaction at work, rather than financial compensation which was ranked less important.

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In contrast to their overseas peers, who placed it as the second most important factor at work, learning and development ranked just eighth for UK tech workers. The results show that British digital talent place more value in the day-to-day operations of their work, favouring more interesting and dynamic roles above training.

Alexandra Sydney, Group Marketing Director at Totaljobs, said, “This research has identified that tech workers across the world, particularly those in the UK, know what they’re looking for and aren’t afraid to move countries to find it.

“The UK technology sector is growing 2.5x faster than the overall economy and is worth nearly £184 billion of the UK’s GDP. This means that there’s an onus on employers to increase employee attraction and retention to ensure the UK has enough tech talent to cope with demand.”

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