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A new report suggests that the reason behind UK vacancies declining is due to skills shortages rather than reduced demand.

Using data provided by Bullhorn, the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) report shows that since November 2019, the number of people placed in a new job has increased by seven per cent. Compared to 2018, placements are up 11%, with figures increasing by 41% since November 2017.

According to the APSCo, this suggests that the decline in vacancies is demonstrative of firms taking longer to fill roles and reigning in new jobs.

Ann Swain, Global CEO of APSCo, explained, “We’ve known for some time that the UK’s skills shortages were having a growing impact on recruitment and this latest data really does re-enforce this.

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“There may be a slow-down in new jobs at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that the staffing market is grinding to a halt. In fact, what we are seeing at the moment is a delay in new roles being added while outstanding placements are filled, hence the uptick in permanent placements alongside new vacancy declines.

“It’s unlikely that we’ll see a solution to these skills shortages any time soon, so recruitment firms can head into the New Year reassured that demand for the services is still going to remain buoyant.”

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