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Umbrella company contractors working within the education sector might be interested to learn that supply teachers are feeling more secure than ever in their roles.

Findings from a recent Giant Group survey revealed that almost 70% of supply teachers feel more secure in their careers compared to this time last year.

Interestingly, the report also found that the number of those who would choose a permanent role if offered, has also continued to fall for the third year in a row.

Managing director of giant group, Matthew Brown commented on the recent findings, “Our data has highlighted that contracting is becoming an increasingly popular choice for professionals across a range of sectors, not least education, where supply teachers have been very highly sought after.

“This doesn’t come as a particular surprise, there are growing shortages within the profession – which are exacerbated by Government cuts to the public sector – and specialists are being brought in to fill these roles. Reports suggest that UK schools spent around £1.3bn last year on taking on supply teachers and this appears to be a sound investment as without these skills the sector would be in a major crisis.”

“It’s also encouraging to see that the percentage of those who would accept a permanent role has continued to fall for the third consecutive year. The contracting lifestyle is well suited to the drivers of the 21st century workforce and professionals who have external commitments find it a much more convenient way of working. It’s highly likely that as we move through 2016 we’ll continue to see more people opting to work in this way in the future.”

Lisa Keeble is the Managing Director for Contractor Umbrella Ltd, one of the UK’s Most Respected Umbrella Companies and founder member of AllUmbrellaCompaniesAreEqual.
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