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The surge in IT vacancies across the UK looks set to continue over the next few months, with 2022 expected to see three times more postings than 2020.

However, with skills shortages rife, the sector’s growth could be restricted – this is according to recent research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

The report, using data provided by Vacancysoft, revealed that technology companies are currently the most active recruiters – between January and May, there were over 32,000 IT vacancies across the sector, accounting for 43% of all the IT positions advertised.

Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo, commented, “The demand for IT experts spiked during the pandemic and we’ve witnessed a continuation of this trend for the year so far. While it’s certainly encouraging to see such demand for IT professionals, the UK’s dearth of talent is now critical and we are already seeing this impact the growth of tech companies at a time when they should be thriving.”

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Swain added, “In response to this, recruitment professionals and businesses alike need to upskill existing staff, hire from wider talent pools to boost diversity and increase the number of women in IT. Doing so will be key in helping to narrow skill shortages.”

“While recruitment professionals and hiring teams will certainly be key players in helping the IT sector navigate skills shortages, a true recovery may only be possible when the UK’s policymakers implement an internationally viable approach to boosting the country’s access to skills.

“This includes creating an attractive entry route into the country for highly skilled self-employed professionals and refocusing international trade deals on skills, the workforce and the mutual recognition of services and professional qualifications.”

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