Technology is ‘key to future growth’ according to Barclays survey

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The findings of the recent Barclays Corporate’s Politics and Economy 2011 survey were great news for us here at Contractor Umbrella, and for all of our IT specialist umbrella contractors! According to the survey, as if we didn’t know it already, the UK’s economic growth will be ‘fuelled by technology’ over the next few years, which gives us no doubt at all that contractors who work in IT and other related sectors have little to fear over the coming months. The survey gathered views and opinion on ‘the general outlook for growth’ from 664 leading technology executives in the UK, and almost 90% of interviewees felt that technology would prove to be the key driver of growth in the UK.

It’s no secret that there has been concern in the IT industry about the way technology is taught in schools, and whether it’s good enough for what the country needs for the future – but more than half of those surveyed felt that it was good enough and that their organisations would be ‘properly supported’ by the people coming out of the state education environment over the coming years. We’re pretty sure though, that with the current priority for reducing costs, many of tomorrow’s IT specialists are equally as likely (if not more!) to come from the umbrella contracting arena.

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