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Latest data has shown that employers’ intentions to hire temporary agency workers have increased significantly over the past few months.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) recent JobsOutlook report found that during May-July, hiring intentions for agency workers in the short term (the next three months) reached net: +6. This is the highest level since October – December last year.

Employers’ intentions to hire temps in the medium term (over the next 4-12 months) were also high, at net: +13. This is the highest this measure has been since August-October 2018 and suggests that an increasing proportion of businesses will use flexible labour to adapt and grow in the coming months.

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Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, commented, “A flexible jobs market has always been one of the UK’s great economic assets – keeping employment high in the good times and ensuring people have more options when times are tough.

“Today’s data show that as lockdown eases and the economy recovers, businesses will use temporary work to start to build back. That makes sense, and matches the pattern of previous recoveries. While the path ahead is still uncertain, temporary work helps firms create jobs sooner, and helps people who need new jobs get back to earning quickly.”

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