The Best Just Got Better!

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Contractor Umbrella would like to extend a warm welcome to its latest addition. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Roger Westlake to our Employee Liaison and Compliance team. Roger not only brings a big personality to his new contractors, but over 40 years of experience working within the HMR&C. Also as the Secretary and a Director of ‘The Campaign for Fair Taxation’, Roger was an innovator as an inspector of taxes, manager and trainer. We are thrilled to be able to add this experience to our team and Roger has already proved invaluable, working closely with our Director Lisa Keeble in implementing Contractor Umbrellas’ pioneering approach to the upcoming AWR.

Speaking on his appointment Roger enthused, "It is a pleasure to work with a leading figure within the Umbrella industry. It has been extremely refreshing to see a company that takes such a thorough and professional approach to compliance. The compliance ethos runs right through the company and their policy of ‘best business practice’ makes going that extra mile for their clients simply part of the job. After many years of working for the HMR&C, it is fantastic to be on the other side of the fence and I look forward to using my knowledge to help my contractors and CU going forward."

Roger’s experience, the current teams’ expertise and our legal partners at Blake Lapthorn, combine to provide a formidable partner in an industry that is always changing. We are looking forward to the AWR and beyond, making sure that we are well equipped for whatever the legislature throws at us and our agency partners!

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