Time to get into the cloud – and fast

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Everywhere you look someone is talking about ‘cloud computing’. It;’ the latest buzz phrase in the IT industry, but we have to say, it does look like a potentially excellent opportunity for IT specialists working as umbrella contractors. According to a new report from the prominent cloud computing recruiter Resource on Demand (ROD), contractors with cloud computing skills have good reason to feel optimistic about their prospects. Recruitment figures in this area have risen by an amazing 52.9% year-on-year which is great news for umbrella contractors with expertise in this niche but rapidly growing area of the IT skills market.

Theresa Durrant, Operations Director at ROD, said that this data illustrates how cloud firms are continuing to grow and to invest in their workforces. She went on to say, “Many firms who rely on the cloud are heading towards, or have already made, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and due to this are seeing initial and continued paths to investment, not least due to the sale of stock to the public that comes with an IPO. If there is one sector that can have immunity from a double-dip recession it is cloud computing. We are confident of this and are looking forward to another busy 12 months and reporting further growth in 2012.”

So there you have it, cloud computing is the place to be, so if you’re an IT umbrella contractor already but you don’t have the specific skills already, now got be the perfect time to think about getting some!

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