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A recent survey has revealed that despite many UK teenagers wanting to become self-employed in the future, a high percentage feel that their school is not providing the education they need.

The findings from the Shelley Stock Hutter report show that 65% of respondents would like to run their own business one day, with nearly half of these people saying that they would like to have achieved this by the time they reach 25.

However, just one in ten of the UK teenagers questioned feel that their school is not offering them the relevant information they need to become self-employed.

The most popular sectors that respondents would like to work in include technology, advertising, property, hotels, restaurants and beauty.

Bobby Lane, partner at Shelley Stock Hutter, said, “It’s great news that we have a nation of hungry young entrepreneurs who are inspired to make something of their lives and run their own business. 

"Yet a staggeringly high percentage of teenagers feel they don’t have the information to take the next step and turn this into a reality. 

"Schools must look at ways to ensure the fundamentals of how to set up and run your own business are covered in the early years of the secondary school curriculum."

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