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Umbrella Company Calculator Comparisons

You have all seen the adverts from Umbrella Companies offering 80%, 85% or even 90% take home pay and have probably all had the same thought about them – that seems too good to be true. And you’re right, it is.  

Most Umbrella Companies have a calculator on their website and you would think that it is there to give contractors an accurate idea of their take home pay. Unfortunately this is often not the case.

In reality all Umbrella Companies are the same except in two small details – the margin that they retain and the levels of service they offer. Your net return from one Umbrella Company will be almost identical to your net return through any other; the only difference would be any variance in the margin.

Therefore, your main consideration when choosing an Umbrella Company is whether or not you would be happy to work with them. You should be able to trust their advice and have complete peace of mind that your valuable earnings are being processed in a way that is completely in accordance with HMR&C guidelines.

ContractorUmbrella has a full, money backed, service guarantee and its processes have been independently reviewed by major industry bodies to confirm that it is fully compliant.

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