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We were fascinated this week by the results of a new survey by Hudson Recruitment which looks at how umbrella company contractors are perceived in the workplace, and it was all good news! The survey of 700 UK employers found that 28% felt contractors were ‘more engaged’ with their work and ‘more productive’ than permanent staff.

A number of contractors were also surveyed, and more than three quarters said they were extremely to their employers, irrespective of whether they were on a short or long term contract. We were also very interested to note that, according to the survey, around 10% said they would opt for a lower pay rate if the contract offered ‘more interesting work’. And on a lighter note, it seems that umbrella contractors are equally as keen on taking part in social events organised by their employer!

Hudson Europe CEO Mike Game commented, “Bosses should take heart from these findings, because they are depending on contractors more and more at critical times. Contractors are more than just an asset for productivity and business performance. Not only are they strongly motivated to hit the ground running from day one, they are keen to be part of the social fabric, without the hassle of office politics.”

We’ve known that for ages, so it’s nice to see some corroborating evidence to back us up!

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