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I’ve never had a problem with Contractor Umbrella or with any staff. I think that says a lot – I have been paid on time at the correct rate and never had a problem in 3 and a half years. Payslips and pay statements arrive promptly as do P60s and my pay gets into my bank as soon as you tell me it’s been paid. I have used the Rewards programme and saved over £1,000 which is a good benefit.

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Tell your agency that you wish to work through Contractor Umbrella and if there are any queries, please call us on 01206 591 000.

Once you have registered your personal Contract Manager will be in touch. They will carry out any necessary ID checks with you and will guide you through our online portal

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It’s really quite simple. You sign a Contract of Employment with Contractor Umbrella, and we sign a contract to supply your services with your recruitment agency or end client. Once you begin work, you’ll need to complete a timesheet through Contractor Umbrella and have your time authorised by the agency or client – once this is done, we’ll invoice them for your time. When we receive payment for the work you have completed, we’ll pay you under the PAYE system (with all applicable taxes deducted) and email your payslip to you. If you have questions at any point, you’ll have a dedicated Contract Manager who you can contact.

An umbrella company provides a solution to freelancers and contractors who don’t want to deal with the administrative burden of self-employment, and for whom setting up a limited company is uneconomical or undesirable. By acting as a single, continuous employer throughout multiple contracts, an umbrella company pays contractors under the PAYE system like permanent employees. This removes the need for contractors to complete a self-assessment tax return (assuming no other sources of income) and drastically reduces time spent dealing with admin – leaving contractors and freelancers free to get on with their jobs.

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The website and its content is copyright of Contractor Umbrella 2018. All Rights Reserved. Contractor Umbrella Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 4324081. VAT Number 780351338. Our registered address is Unit 36 Silk Mill Industrial Estate, Brook Street, Tring, HP23 5EF.

Contractor Umbrella has been trading since 2002 – and as one of the UK’s longest running umbrella companies, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to operate one! We’re always striving to be the best we can be and are proud of the standard of service we provide, including:

  • A one-stop online portal for any administration required, such as timesheets
  • All emails will be answered within 4 working hours
  • No robots – all calls will be answered by a trained adviser within 3 rings.
  • A dedicated Contract Manager for the duration of your employment with us, so you can speak to the same person each time you call.
  • Strong working relationships with recruitment agencies, ensuring no delays to your pay.
  • With 17 years – and counting! – experience under our belts, we have unparalleled knowledge and streamlined procedures not available within other umbrella companies.

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Registering with Contractor Umbrella is simple