Umbrella contractors in the manufacturing sector have reason to celebrate

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We’ve been looking at KPMG’s ‘2011 Global Manufacturing Outlook’ and it’s all good news for umbrella contractors in this sector!  According to the report, the UK is going to become one of the world’s top five manufacturing suppliers within the next 12 to 24 months. So if you’re an umbrella contractor looking for your next project in the UK manufacturing sector, things should be fairly rosy we think.

It seems that ever increasing transport costs, coupled with some of the more recent natural disasters, have led businesses to look ‘closer to home’ when it comes to sourcing manufactured goods or components. We also noticed in the report that that UK manufacturing growth is also being driven by technological innovation – around 30% of UK firms are looking to generate revenue from new products which they have developed, by selling them into both new and existing markets. Having looked at last year’s figures, we can see that this is a 17% increase, so innovation is certainly key. A great opportunity for umbrella contractors with technology-based skills possibly?

Umbrella contractors in the manufacturing arena also saw more good news after the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) latest Industrial Trends Survey. This month’s results show us that production is going to carry on increasing over the next three months at a rate that’s ‘well above the long term average’. So our overall conclusion is that umbrella contractors working within the UK manufacturing supply chain as a whole should find themselves operating in an extremely healthy marketplace over the next few months. 


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