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KPMG Compliance Audit 2008

Compliant Umbrella Company

ContractorUmbrella Ltd – Professional Passport & KPMG
How do you know your Umbrella Company is fully compliant? ContractorUmbrella – certified by KPMG as being compliant with HMR&C regulations including MSC legislation.

“Contractor Umbrella’s processes were reviewed by KPMG who found that as at 8 February 2008 they were compliant with relevant income tax and NIC regulations that were in force at that date.”

What this ground-breaking move means is that both recruiters and contractors can use ContractorUmbrella and SJD Accountancy safe in the knowledge that they are genuinely compliant.

Lisa Keeble, ContractorUmbrella’s Managing Director, commented:
Preferred supplier’s lists have historically been constructed to ensure contractors receive the highest levels of service. However, as no Umbrella Company has been able to provide evidence to prove they are compliant, recruiters have had no other choice but to take the company’s word; this problem has even resulted in some recruiters cancelling their PSL’s completely.

I am delighted that ContractorUmbrella has been reviewed and confirmed by KPMG as being compliant and am sure it will lift a heavy weight off the shoulders of both contractors and recruiters across the country”.

ContractorUmbrella has also become an approved supplier under the Professional Passport scheme and a member of APSCo.