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Another case involving employment rights has been highlighted, with the GMB union taking legal action on behalf of three Amazon delivery drivers.

GMB argues that the three drivers, all of whom work for different delivery firms distributing parcels for Amazon, have been wrongly classed as self-employed and therefore should be offered more employment rights, such as sick pay, holiday pay and the national minimum wage.

The firms facing legal challenges are Prospect Commercials Limited, Box Group Limited and Lloyd Link Logistics Limited.

In a statement, GMB said, “The drivers were required to attend scheduled shifts that were controlled by Amazon, meaning they did not have the flexibility that is integral to being self-employed.

“In this situation, the couriers were treated like employees in terms of their working hours, GMB Union contends they should be treated as employees in terms of their rights too.”

An Amazon spokesman has responded, “Our delivery providers are contractually obligated to ensure drivers they engage receive the National Living Wage and are expected to pay a minimum of £12 per hour, follow all applicable laws and driving regulations and drive safely. Allegations to the contrary do not represent the great work done by around 100 small businesses generating thousands of work opportunities for delivery drivers across the UK.”

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