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First Timers Guide to Contracting

Starting as a contractor can be a little daunting, so we have produced this "Guide to Contracting" to address some of the most common questions asked by our new clients. In this document we will cover:

Extract from the First Timers Guide to Contracting:

This brief summary is designed to address some of the most common questions asked by our contractors.

  1. General advice on starting out as a contractor.
  2. New to the UK?
  3. Myths & Facts about Umbrella Companies.
  4. What is IR35?
  5. Which service is best for me?
  6. Can I claim expenses?
  7. Payroll & Taxation.

You will be working with us under an employment contract and we will need to add you to the company payroll. In order for us to do this most effectively, we will need you to:

  • Provide us with a P45, or let us know you do not have one, as soon as you possibly can.
  • Provide us with your UK bank account details; the name of the account as it shows on your debit card or cheques, the account number which has 8 digits and your sort code which has 6 digits.
  • In order for us to comply with UK legislation we may require proof of identity from you; your employee liaison officer will advise you what may be required.
  • Input details of your hours/days worked and your expenses to our online timesheet once a week or once a month.
  • Our highly advanced online systems will then immediately and automatically generate an invoice which will then be forwarded to your agency/client.

Leave the rest to us and relax!

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