Umbrella Advice

If you’re considering umbrella employment in this section you’ll find a number of helpful resources to guide you through every step of umbrella employment.

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Why Use An Umbrella Company

Every umbrella company is required to offer their contractors support in finding their next contract, so we have put together a list of tips for contracting job seekers.


Notice of Termination Template

Moving from Limited to Umbrella? Copy our termination template and paste it into an email or letter to send to your accountant.



What is the Apprenticeship Levy and why does it appear in my pay calculation?

The Apprenticeship Levy was introduced by the government in April 2017 and is designed to fund apprenticeship schemes – which allow employers to recoup some costs of providing training to apprentices – across the UK.



What is an overarching contract of employment and why do I need one?

Any contractor employed through an umbrella company will sign an overarching contract of employment. In essence, this means that the contractor becomes a permanent employee of the umbrella company – it provides continuity of employment during and between different contracts.


Equality Act 2010 Statutory Code of Practice Protected Characteristics

The Equality Act was introduced into British Law to ensure protection for individuals against discrimination and to give businesses and employers greater clarity about their responsibilities.


Claiming expenses as an Umbrella company employee

Restrictions on Umbrella employee expenses Prior to April 2016, it was possible for Umbrella employees to utilise a wide variety of expenses to reduce their tax bill. By far the most popular expenses were travel and daily meals (these were known as subsistence expenses). Other common expenses, included: Mobile phone Accommodation Clothing Training Subscriptions Equipment Read More...


Umbrella Company Price Check

No Umbrella Company can ‘earn’ you more than any other – we are all regulated by HM Revenue and Customs.


Umbrella Company Comparison

We all have glowing testimonials on our websites but then who would publish negative comments about themselves? You may have narrowed your choice down to 2 or 3 companies and are now stuck for which one to pick. Below are our top tips for choosing your best Umbrella Company: What is it like when you Read More...



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