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If you’re considering umbrella employment in ths section you’ll find a number of helpful resources to guide you through every step of umbrella employment.

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How does an Umbrella Company calculate my take home pay?

You have, no doubt, seen adverts from Umbrella Companies along the lines of ‘more take home pay’ and ‘take home 85%’; have you ever wondered how they come up with their figures?


Why do I have to pay Employers National Insurance?

In permanent employment, it is the company that is liable for the Employer’s National Insurance contribution (NIC), through an umbrella company is no different.


Claiming expenses as an Umbrella company employee

Restrictions on Umbrella employee expenses Prior to April 2016, it was possible for Umbrella employees to utilise a wide variety of expenses to reduce their tax bill. By far the most popular expenses were travel and daily meals (these were known as subsistence expenses). Other common expenses, included: Mobile phone Accommodation Clothing Training Subscriptions Equipment Read More...


Your Payslip Explained

Unsure what your umbrella companies payslip means? Our step by step guide will explain exactly what each line means and why it is there.


How Umbrella Companies work?

Working through an Umbrella Company can seem confusing, so let’s take a look at how the process works from Umbrella Company, to recruitment agency or end client to contractor.


Free Contractor Guides

Our FREE downloadable contracting guides, include everything you need to know about contracting through umbrella employment and as a limited company director.


Contractor FAQs

This collection of questions include questions that our employees often ask us, such as how to work in the UK and pension autoenrollment.


Contractor Umbrella Employment FAQs

We have compiled a list of some of the key questions you may want to ask about working through Contractor Umbrella.