How Long Can I Work for the Same Company as a Contractor?

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There can be some confusion when it comes to flexible working rules, particularly with regards to contracts and the amount of time you’re allowed to spend working for the same client.

How long can a contractor work at a company for?

There seems to be the belief (by some) that a contractor can only work for the same company for two years. This is completely false – contractors can work through an umbrella for an unlimited amount of time.

In fact, umbrellas are made for ‘multiple and successive assignments’, meaning that employment can last for years.

Can a contractor be a full-time employee?

As a contractor you can work full-time hours or less if you wish – this is one of the many benefits of joining the flexible-working sector.

Contractors are often paid a higher daily/weekly/monthly rate compared to salaried employees, yet you will also have the freedom to pick and choose when you work.

What are the other benefits of working through an umbrella company?

Umbrella employment is ideal for those who want employment benefits along with flexibility; it’s also a great solution for those working on short-term contracts.

Other benefits to choosing the umbrella route include:

Not having to worry about completing an annual self-assessment tax return
All tax liabilities are worked out for you by your umbrella company and automatically deducted from your payslip, whereas for a sole trader or limited company contractor, the responsibility of completing a self-assessment tax return is entirely up to them to file and then pay any tax owed.

You’re entitled to employee benefits
Being the umbrella company’s employee means that you’ll have standard employee benefits.

So, unlike self-employed professionals, you are entitled to statutory maternity/paternity and sick pay, as well as annual leave, which will be calculated based on the hours you work.

Read our Benefits of using an Umbrella Company page for more reasons as to why people choose the umbrella route.

If you are interested in becoming an umbrella company contractor and need help finding a good company to work through, then read our Best Umbrella Company page for more information on what to look out for.

We hope you have found this page helpful. If you have any questions about umbrella employment, our team of experts are available to answer any queries, so give us a call on 01206 591 000 or email

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