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A Guide to Choosing an Umbrella Company

Looking for an Umbrella Company?

The claims and promises made by Umbrella Companies vary enormously; most of them will sound too good to be true... and they usually are! In this document we will look at some of the plys used to entice new contractors:

  • Higher net pay claims through un-receipted expenses
  • Promises of protection from HMRC investigation
  • ‘HMRC approved’
  • Advertising their fees at higher rate tax figures
  • Cheap starter fees, leading to normal, higher fees later on
  • ‘IR35 compliant’... it's irrelevant
  • Act as ‘Employer’
  • Agency Recommended

Extract from The Guide to Choosing an Umbrella Company.

Higher net pay through un-receipted expenses

There are currently Umbrella Companies advertising up to 85% retention of your income, which might sound enticing, until you hear the reality. Certain Umbrella Companies encourage you to claim, whilst others automatically add, an un-receipted meal allowance of up to £36 per day. This is very misleading and can leave you with a very large tax bill and fine.

We can guarantee you that any Umbrella Company making such a claim, will have it somewhere on their website or within their T&C’s that, although they won’t need receipts to process your expenses, you will need them in-case HMRC contact you.

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