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Contractor Pensions

As an employee of ContractorUmbrella, you will have access to our employer Pension scheme, operated through Scottish Widows. This scheme is designed to provide you with a low cost, flexible plan to reflect and adapt to the terms of the contracts you accept and ensure that you can continue to fund for your retirement whilst maximising your tax benefits.

Contractor Pension Guide

Download a copy of our Pension Guide or fill out the Enquiry Form below for more information on our company group pension plan.

By redirecting some of the value of your earnings into this scheme, you will not only save income tax at your highest marginal rate but also benefit from avoiding any employee or employers national insurance on the payment as the scheme is employer funded. Overall this makes for a very tax efficient scheme.

The Scottish Widows scheme offers you as individuals the following:

  • As little or as much information as you need to help you understand this benefit and the importance of it
  • A wide choice of investment funds, including internal and external fund links
  • The ability to choose an investment strategy to suit your own attitude to risk
  • The chance to pay higher or lower contributions as your circumstances change
  • A joining pack telling you all you need to know about your new pension plan
  • Online access to your plan information, including current values and future projections, and other support and information material
  • A customer helpdesk, mailbox and website to provide help when you need it

Due to the highly tax efficient nature of funding into this scheme, combined with the extremely low costs on an ongoing basis, you might wish to consider transferring existing benefits or redirecting existing contributions to this scheme.

For further details on the scheme, we would ask that you contact Scottish Widows on 0345 030 6571, who will be happy to help.

Pension Form

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