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The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-employed (IPSE) have released a new report discussing pension schemes and maternity pay, with regards to those who are self-employed.

According to the recent report, ‘the proposals on pension and maternity pay reform would ensure the UK’s 4.5 million self-employed professionals are treated fairly compared to ‘traditional’ employees if implemented by the next Government’.

Simon McVicker, Director of Policy and External Affairs at IPSE, commented, "With the number of people choosing to go self-employed increasing by the day, it’s more important than ever before to embrace this group and ensure they get a fair deal when it comes to Government support.

“If Government reformed such benefits, particularly maternity/paternity pay and pensions, it would help independent professionals reach their full potential and the wider economy would reap the rewards.”

A survey, which has been commissioned by the IPSE with ComRes has revealed great support from the general public when it comes to enabling the self-employed better access to support – particularly with maternity/ paternity pay and pensions.

According to the survey, which questioned 1,000 ‘traditional’ employees and independent professionals, 63% said that the self-employed should receive comparable maternity/paternity pay as employees.

Seventy-three per cent of respondents also said the self-employed should have access to flexible pensions which allow them to make limited withdrawals when they are sick or unemployed.

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