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Whether you’re applying for contract or permanent roles, a new report has revealed the most desirable skill to add to your CV.

Based on thousands of conversations with employers for Michael Page’s 100 In-Demand Skills report, ‘adaptability’ is the most desirable skill found among UK businesses who are looking for workers who can deal with increasingly diverse situations.

When 2,000 workers were surveyed, however, although 44% believe they have this skill, only 15% stated this on their CV.

Nick Kirk, UK managing director at Michael Page, said, “We expect the January job market to be incredibly busy, fed by activity last quarter when one in 40 workers looked for a new job.

“As January is one of the most competitive times for both clients and candidates, it becomes even more vital to stand out during this busy period. Job seekers would certainly benefit from communicating how adaptable they are during the application process, to promote the qualities that employers value most and better align with their needs.”

He added, “As adaptability is often a hidden skill, candidates should leave their comfort zones and try new things, to showcase the skill that will help them get ahead in their search for a new job.”

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