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Tax avoidance scheme exposed by HMRC

HMRC: ‘Naming tax avoidance promoters is one of the many steps we are taking to disrupt and drive scheme promoters out of business. We want to help ensure customers do not get caught out by tax avoidance’.

Lifting ban on agency workers filling in during strikes will not solve the problem

REC: ‘Agencies want the ban to stay to avoid them being pressured by clients into supplying staff into hostile and potentially dangerous situations’.

Vacancies for four-day week roles up 90%

CV-Library: ‘A lot has changed in both the economy and the job market over the last 12 months and employers are having to seek new ways of attracting staff, over and above competitive pay and a pension’.

Hiring activity softens, but pay growth remains sharp

A new report shows that there has been a further slowdown in hiring activity after previous record highs, however, pay pressures remain historically sharp.

Hiring intentions up for the first time in three months

Lloyds Bank: ‘Business confidence improved this month and firms in general seem able to rebuild some of their margins through price increases’.

Job vacancy numbers beginning to slow

Broadbean Technology: ‘While the sudden rise in recruitment activity received a warm welcome at the beginning of 2021, we are beginning to see signs of vacancy numbers slowing down over a year later’.

Four-day working week won’t work for all

Unispace: ‘Just as we’ve learnt that the five-day work week isn’t viable for all, so too could the four-day week be for some’.

Majority of UK workers feel safe at work following pandemic

CV-Library: ‘There has been a big period of adjustment for UK workers and it’s reassuring to know that the majority now feel safe at work’.


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