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Narcissistic leaders cause employees more stress

Professor Schyns: ‘Resources are often already stretched thin in crisis situations. Vulnerable narcissistic leaders strain them further, for instance by giving employees no guidelines on how to accomplish goals or blaming others for their own shortcomings’.

Job applicant numbers per role jump by over a third

CV-Library: ‘While job vacancies are still high, they’ve fallen from their peak levels in July 2022, and jobseekers are up against more applicants than they have been since January 2021’.

Do you need to file a self-assessment tax return?

HMRC: ‘It is important that taxpayers check if they need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return so they can pay the right amount of tax owed and avoid penalties for not filing a return’.

Many employees don’t know whether they’ll be able to retire comfortably

Aviva: ‘This is a particularly financially challenging time which makes it more important than ever that people understand their pension savings and the retirement options available to them’.

Many homeowners taking on extra temp work to get ahead of mortgage hikes

Indeed Flex: ‘While those with mortgages expiring this year cannot escape repayment increases, a substantial number are actively seizing control of their finances and trying to get ahead of the increase in their outgoings’.

High demand for engineering talent

APSCo: ‘We’re seeing peaks and troughs in engineering recruitment that are perhaps to be expected given the economic climate. While there was a significant monthly fall in vacancies in July, particularly when compared to May and June levels, demand for talent is still strong’.

Agency staff ‘keep the NHS going’

REC: ‘Politicians must stop shouting about the symptom and treat the issue. The problem in the NHS is one of staff retention. Agencies are a positive story because they show the NHS how to recruit and retain workers in healthcare by offering a better life/work balance’.

Firms gaining confidence in hiring plans

REC: ‘Firms are ready to recruit for the future and more confident in their plan – a stark contrast with the more cautious and concerned view of August 2022’.


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