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Covid causes one million self-employed to go into debt

IPSE: ‘The government has rolled out some support for the self-employed, but it must urgently look at ways to make this more flexible and fair – to ensure it reaches all self-employed in need’.

REC supports youth employment with Kickstart Scheme

REC: ‘The Kickstart scheme uses temporary work as a stepping-stone to get young people into employment – an approach the REC knows to work’.

Many working mums lost work in first lockdown due to lack of childcare

When it comes to who does the childcare, only 16% of mums who have a partner said they shared childcare/homeschooling equally.

Steady optimism in businesses’ hiring confidence

Although employers still remain concerned about the overall UK economy outlook, confidence in hiring ended its pandemic-driven fall in the third quarter of 2020.

IPSE warns drop in self-employed numbers show gaps in support

The Office for National Statistics data shows that the number of self-employed people in the UK has fallen to 4.5 million, down from 5.0 million at this time last year.

Thousands of self-employed face ‘financial calamity’, warns IPSE

IPSE: ‘The gaps in support in the first lockdown – such as limited company directors and the newly self-employed – led to the biggest drop in self-employed numbers on record’.

Self-employed need extra support during second lockdown

Recruitment and Employment Confederation: ‘All sectors and the self-employed need extra support quickly’.

White collar vacancies on the rise

APSCo: ‘It is certainly encouraging to see professional vacancy numbers pick up in September across the capital, however, with London now under tier two lockdown restrictions we may see a dent in this positivity’.


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