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Public sector pay increase won’t solve recruitment crisis

APSCo: ‘There are significant skills shortages across education and healthcare to name just two – pay increases alone won’t solve the problem’.

Calls for a UK skills policy rethink

CIPD: ‘A growing number of graduates are stuck in low-skilled jobs, while employers find it harder to motivate and retain overqualified graduates, undermining workplace productivity’.

Number of UK job adverts see a record high for 2022

REC: ‘A surge in new postings in late August is the result of recruitment restarting as people return from holidays, combined with preparation for the Christmas peak in manufacturing and logistics’.

Record number of job adverts for the year

REC: ‘This new data shows the continued strength of the jobs market, despite any wider economic uncertainty’.

Decline in white-collar applicants

Broadbean Technology: ‘Businesses need to rebuild and nurture dwindling talent pools, utilise innovative technology to streamline hiring and maximise partnerships with external talent suppliers in order to find the undiscovered talent that is so desperately needed’.

Healthcare job vacancies starting to stabilise

APSCo: ‘Recruitment across healthcare is highly competitive and highly complex, something that has only been exacerbated since Brexit’.

Lifting ban on agency workers filling in during strikes will not solve the problem

REC: ‘Agencies want the ban to stay to avoid them being pressured by clients into supplying staff into hostile and potentially dangerous situations’.

UK workers underestimate the challenges that face them

Questionmark: ‘Do we think we’re better than we are, or are we better than we think? That’s the question that we need to help businesses to answer so that we can see what skills we’ve got and where training and development is needed’.


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