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UK job postings on the rise as the UK continues to re-open

Total job postings rose to 990,000 in the last week of June, with bar staff, roofers and hairdressers among the most in-demand roles as the UK continues to re-open.

Government must do more to save jobs and businesses, say REC

REC: ‘Four in five recruiters expect the outbreak to have an adverse impact on hiring in the short term, and we are likely to see the greatest impact in sectors like hospitality, retail and the creative industries’.

‘Dire shortage’ of mental health professionals

WR Health has urged hospitals to reassess their staffing solutions to prevent the current crisis worsening.

Rise in London job vacancies

Latest data shows that job vacancies have risen in London, despite the continued Brexit uncertainty.

IR35 scaremongering could damage talent ecosystem

Kingsbridge: ‘IR35 Protect – when aligned with a fit and proper process, enables businesses to continue to engage with contractors with complete confidence, by protecting all parties in the recruitment supply chain’.

Contractor Umbrella pass APSCo Intermediary Compliance Review

Contractor Umbrella Compliance Audit Auditors have undertaken a very thorough audit of Contractor Umbrella which aims to provide you the contractor, agency or end client with the security that the service you will receive and the processes that are undertaken on your behalf are compliant with HMRC. The assessment included a review of detailed documentation, Read More...

Many recruiters not confident in the umbrella company they partner with

APSCo: ‘While the majority of service providers are compliant and ethical, there are exceptions to the rule.’

A human touch is vital in recruitment

The majority of both candidates and recruiters believe that it’s important that the recruiter is knowledgeable about the specific job, organisation and industry.


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