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People looking to book live music events this summer are being urged to take care as scams relating to concert tickets surge by more than 500% over the last year.

Lloyds Bank is issuing this warning ahead of the summer festival season, especially as demand for live events has soared following the pandemic.

Figures show that victims lose £110 on average, though for some it can be in the thousands.

These ticket scams usually involve fake websites, social media posts or emails offering tickets at discounted prices, or access to events which have already sold out at inflated prices. Victims are asked to pay upfront, but once payment is made, the scammers disappear.

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Liz Ziegler, Fraud Prevention Director, Lloyds Bank, said, “Fraudsters are always changing their tactics to trick victims out of their hard-earned cash. With demand to attend live events soaring as the warmer weather approaches, they’ll waste no time in targeting music fans as they rush to pick up tickets for the most popular gigs and festivals.

“Buying directly from reputable, authorised platforms is the only way to guarantee you’re paying for a real ticket. Even then, always pay by debit or credit card for the greatest protection.

“If you’re being asked to pay by bank transfer, particularly from a seller you’ve found on social media, that should immediately set alarm bells ringing.”

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