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New data has shown that the number of applicants per job has increased by over a third, peaking at its highest level since January 2021.

The CV-Library survey analysed thousands of jobs advertised on its site during August, working out the average application-to-job ratio.

The top five industries with application-per-job increases are as follows:

  • Social care (+142.8%)
  • Education (+64%)
  • IT (+60%)
  • Construction (+39.8%)
  • Distribution (+39.2%)

Looking at a regional analysis, figures show the top five areas with these increases are:

  • East Midlands (+54.4%)
  • North West (+49.4%)
  • West Midlands (+47.3%)
  • North East (+46%)
  • South West (+45.5%)

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Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library, said, “The job market is undoubtedly shifting. While job vacancies are still high, they’ve fallen from their peak levels in July 2022, and jobseekers are up against more applicants than they have been since January 2021.

“The other persistent factor is the cost of living: as it continues to squeeze, we are seeing more candidates returning to the job market looking to increase or supplement their income.”

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