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As many as 76.4% of UK professionals have said that they intend to look for a new job in 2022, indicating that the ‘Great Resignation’ issue is set to continue.

According to the CV-Library report, a further 57.6% are planning to reskill or retrain next year.

Interestingly, almost half (47%) of the 2,000 professionals surveyed said that they know someone who has already resigned in 2021.

The survey revealed that the top reasons for professionals wanting to move on were:

  • Wanting/needing a career change (42.1%)
  • Higher salary (41.3%)
  • The uncertainty of the pandemic delayed an inevitable decision (40.7%)
  • More flexible working opportunities (38.9%)
  • Burnout (33.2%)

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Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of CV-Library commented, “The combination of confidence slowly building in the UK economy in the six months since ‘Freedom Day’ and the pandemic triggering people to re-assess their lives and search for more happiness, money and flexibility; has created a perfect storm in the job market.

“The good news is that employers can take action to prevent increased staff turnover. Offering top salaries is the obvious choice but investing in training and upskilling, offering remote working opportunities, and building strong internal teams, look to be the smartest moves businesses can take in 2022.”

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