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A new report shows that the number of part-time workers aged over 50 is now at a record high, with this figure standing at 3.6 million.

The survey, compiled by Rest Less, found that those aged 50+ working part-time had increased by:

  • 12% in the last two years
  • 26% in the past decade
  • 56% in the past two decades

Stuart Lewis, Chief Executive of Rest Less, commented on the findings, “The number of part-time workers aged over 50 has reached record levels once again in 2023, after recovering from its substantial setback during the pandemic.

“This trend highlights a paradigm shift in how we view work and retirement.  Long gone are the days of the linear career path of one or two full-time roles, 9-5 for five decades followed by a sudden stop at retirement.”

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Stuart added, “Today the path is winding and offers more choice than ever before – both in career path and working patterns. Most midlifers today talk about ‘transitions’ rather than ‘stopping’, with many choosing more of a glide into retirement, than jumping off a cliff into the void – and research continues to show this phasing is beneficial for our health, social connections and overall well being.

“In the last few years, we have seen increasing numbers of progressive employers who understand the benefits of age diverse and multi-generational workplaces.

“In an ageing population where one third of the UK’s workforce are now over 50, age inclusive policies are no longer a nice to have and offering flexible and part-time working arrangements is now an essential part of any employee value proposition.

“For many workers in their 50s, 60s and beyond, flexible part-time work is now a viable option which allows people to maintain an active, purposeful and connected midlife, whilst finding more time for other life responsibilities and enjoyment.”

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